Dr Andrew Traill
Principal Technologist
Transport Systems Catapult

Andrew has over 25 years’ experience in the freight transport, logistics and international trade policy arena. Andrew gained his doctorate at the University of London researching the economics and business case for the development of European inland and coastal shipping. Since then, Andrew has worked in the ports and cargo handling sectors before moving to the UK Freight Transport Association, representing the interests of British shippers (manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers), across all modes of transport and trade compliance.  Andrew joined the European Shippers Council in 2006 as Policy Director, promoting policies and best practices that were in the interests of European shippers. In parallel he established The Shippers’ Voice, a web portal raising awareness of issues and practices impacting shippers globally. 

Andrew also helped establish and launch the industry-led emissions reduction programme, Green Freight Europe, developed an on-line course explaining how to calculate a carbon footprint of road freight transport operations, and worked on various projects in the freight, logistics and compliance world.

In April 2015, Andrew joined the Transport Systems Catapult, as a Principal Technologist - freight and logistics. Andrew’s responsibility is to build a portfolio of CR&D and commercial projects to advance the development and implementation of intelligent mobility to the benefit of the freight customers and the wider freight and freight transport industry.